Saturday, January 31, 2009

A quick rant

Why do liberal priests or liturgy planners insist on calling vestments "robes?" I cannot stand this. It seems just another instance of taking away all the meaningful names of liturgical things and replacing them with blase (no accent, sorry) terms. Deconstruction in the liturgy happens even on the level of terms. I guess I just go to "worship service" as much as I can, to dialogue with "World Spirit" and my neighbor.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Death of Reason

Apparently Obama wants those banks which receive public funding to increase their loans and credit approvals. Don't look now, but isn't this the same policy that led to the current economic downturn? I think Modern Man has lost his reason.

Sure Feels Good

I am sure that Joe Biden appreciated his warm welcome at Holy Trinity Parish in Georgetown. When you get a standing ovation (according to the news report from the AP, at during Mass, you are special. To be singled out in the presence of Our Lord, and to be the object of attention, this indeed must be gratifying. But this is not especially surprising, since Holy Trinity is administered by Jesuits, that order now dedicated to spreading love and error. To be serious, this is an outrage! Applause during Mass--Mass, not "Catholic church service"--is downright disrespectful to the Real Presence. I would call it sacrilege, the profanation of something holy or sacred, for what is there that is holier or more sacred than Our Lord? Why and how can we justify anything detracting from attention to that which is most dear to us? Even when done after Mass or before Mass, applause destroys the sacred silence of the Holy of Holies. But in the middle of Mass, or whenever it was done, there is a further reason for outrage. For this is Biden, one of the most pro-abortion Catholics in the United States. Those parishoners applauded someone in favor of fifty million deaths. But for everyone there, it sure felt good . . . .


The Virgin Mary

Today at Holy Mass, the Celebrant gave a homily on the Gospel for the Second Sunday after Epiphany (which was the pericope relating the miracle at the Wedding Feast at Cana. He reminded us that it was Mary who saw the need and asked her Son to alleviate that need; she does precisely this with all of us, each with our own needs. I suppose some mother's might be shy about asking for a miracle to address a seemingly minor need, but not Our Lady. Because she and her Son saw fit to maintain the observance of the cerremonies without interruption, this can be taken as a sign of Divine approbation for the wedded state. Holy Mary, Refuge of Sinners, Pray for us!