Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Christ Fulfills the Old Testament

An interesting blog I found posted this about Our Lord:

In Leviticus 21:10 it says that the high priest is not allowed to tear his garments. (You know in the OT whenever they heard band news they were always tearing their garments and putting dirt on their head)
Well, while Jesus was on trial before the High Priest Caiphas, Jesus admits that he is the Christ and Caiphas the high priest tears his own robes breaking the law in Leviticus 21. But notice something else - in John 19:23 when they are dividing Jesus’ garments (which was a seamless garment, what a priest would where when offering sacrifice). Instead of tearing them they decide to draw lots for them, and his cloths do not get torn showing that Jesus is the new High Priest.

I am familiar with many of the other points in the list Daniel Egan makes, but this one was new to me. Perfect! I love this little gem.


The Obama Administration's Sense of Taste

Creative Minority Report reports that the Obama administration, despite the fact it is summer recess, failed to send anyone important to the recent commemoration of the seventy-year anniversary of the start of WWII. Originally intending to send a former Defense Secretary, Obama's team sent his National Security Advisor. That's right: Russia, Germany, Britain, and Poland all sent their head's of state, we sent an advisor. How gauche, how blatantly disrespectful and ignorant of history! Sounds like the public school education taking effect.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Story of Honduras--Set in the US

Big Hollywood has a post from a reporter recently returned from Honduras. In case you haven't heard (the events were under-reported, due in part to Michael Jackson's death and surrounding media circus) Honduras recently arrested and deported its then-President Manuel Zelaya. He had been democratically elected, but then attempted to Communize Honduras. The army, legislature, and judicial branch resisted, ultimately removing Zelaya from power. The rest of the world refused to observe the real questions at play, and has suspended economic aid to Honduras, while roundly condemning the expulsion of Zelaya. I say the Hondurans who acted as they did are heros, and have done precisely as they ought, despite immense international pressure. Read this article. Satire aside, it is a worthwhile read.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Priesthood

We need a return of the kind of attitude towards the priesthood shown here.


Scientific Darwinism leads to Doctrinal Darwinism

This rather inaccurate article in the notoriously liberal National Catholic Register declares that since Darwinism has been "proved," our idea of the God behind creation (the author presents little idea of what the real relation between the two is) must also change. Since our idea of the world was wrong, our idea of God was wrong. All this leads Joan Chittister to come up with some rather inferior theologies, and an excuse for justifying the change of doctrine. "But as long as we love each other and ensure social justice like Jesus wanted, we are all true Catholics, right?"


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How We Need to Think

Dom Chautard, in his book The Soul of the Apostolate, has this to say: He (the true Apostle) is always ready to say; "O my God, Thou dost not will that the work I have begun should be completed. It pleases Thee that I confine myself acting valiantly yet ever peacefully, to making efforts to achieve results, but that I leave to Thee alone the task of deciding whether Thou wilt receive more glory from my success, or from the act of virtue that failure will give me the opportunity to perform. Blessed a thousand times be Thy holy and adorable Will, and may I, with the help of Thy grace, know just as well how to repel the slightest symptoms of vain complacency, if Thou shouldst bless my work as to humble myself and adore Thee is Thy Providence sees fit to wipe out everything that my labors have produced."


Proof that Liberal Catholic Editors Cause Confusion

The Vatican watcher, Sandro Magister, in the article linked above, concludes falsely that the Vatican mildly favors President Obama and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi. He then concludes that the Vatican and local Bishops are at odds on these points. The amazing element in this is that he concludes as much based on the editorials of 'L'Osservatore Romano'! The editor of L'Osservatore, Giovanni Maria Vian, has written many editorials favoring or at least remaining neutral towards liberal elements in the US. He was also involved (by extension, since L'Osservatore was at fault)in the scandal where Archbishop Salvatore "Rino" Fisichella condemned Brazilian Archbishop Jose Cardoso for publicly declaring the excommunication of those involved in the abortion of two children of a nine year-old mother. Archbishop Fisichella was the President of the Pontifical Council for Life, and did not even bother to ascertain the facts of the matter. ( Vian's neglect or dismissal of the facts is clearly implied, since an editor-in-chief should be able to know such basic facts. Now, an important Vatican commentator is sowing seeds of dissent and misinformation (whether wittingly not is unclear), using the work of L'Osservatore Romano as justification of his assertions. I think the assertions are poorly researched and illogical, but Vian clearly bears some censure for allowing Magister--and surely many others--to draw such conclusions.


A Short Film Butterfly Circus/

Some real beauty captured here.

Some Pithy Remarks
Creative Minority Report has a few hilarious (and true) quips about our current society.

To err is human,
to err on a large scale requires humanism.

'Smart Government' is an oxymoron
designed to sell Gov't programs
to actual morons.

Kicking a man when he is down,
once called sin,
is now called tax policy.