Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"I came to cast fire upon this earth."

When we consider the mystery of Christmas presented to us by Holy Mother Church at this time of year, these words of Scripture jump out at me: "I came to cast fire upon this earth, and would that it were already kindled!" These words remind me of two particular things in relation to the coming of the Messiah.
In the words following the rest of this quote from Luke (12:49), Christ tells us that division and difficulty will be effects of His Evangelion, of His "Good News." The Son of God most certainly retains the title "Prince of Peace," but He did not come to give peace to men, but "pax hominibus bonae voluntatis," peace to men of good will. Christ's coming brings peace to men of good will, but not to all men. Hence the subsequent verses from Luke, describing strife and division. Those not properly disposed, who have not made the rough ways of their souls smooth; these will hate and revile true followers of the Newborn Babe. Even within our own being, we will war with ourself, for the rough ways of our fallen nature are not easily subdued and made welcoming to Our Redeemer.
If we can but overcome the struggle within ourselves, and reject the clamor and strife that assails us from without, then suddenly our hearts may be opened up as a fire of charity, burning with a renewed love of the Saviour of mankind. This is why Christ says, "And would that it were already kindled!" He came to encourage us to give us the burning heart that ever strains to be united with Him Who made all things. Ultimately, Christ as the Word of God and Creator of the World has made all things to rest in Himself, the "Burning Furnace of Charity," and this is why He came into the world. May we feel the heat of His everlasting love, and responding, be as sparks igniting this world with the love of the Most Sublime Trinity.

Christus natus est pro nobis! Glorificate Eum!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I am doing now.... (or What am I doing now?)

This week is midterm week. I believe that may be enough to indicate the cause of my hiatus. Christmas break will provide another hiatus, since we have virtually no internet at home, and then I have two weddings directly after Christmas.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Another week of teaching has ended. Now begins the wonderful part of the teacher's life known as correcting. As a teacher at a small, private Catholic school, I have to work with over seventy different students. Perhaps the difference in intellects and personalities keeps things interesting, but it also keeps things busy, to say the least. The rewarding part of teaching tends to be the process of "the light going off" in the minds of the students. Seeing them respond to my work, and seeing them grow as a result; this makes any amount of homework grading a more bearable thing. On the other hand, watching some student sit in his place as if he were a cow (some have even less reaction than a cow would), proves infuriating and makes one want to tear hair and abandon the pedagogical profession. Thanks be to God, I am fortunate enough to have students that engage the material, asking many questions ( some better than others). Now, onto a weekend of grading and trying to live a semi-normal life. . .